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How A Virtual Pbx Can Help


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Virtual PBX systems are the advanced new-age telecommunication systems for business firms and offices. PBX systems are well known for their efficient management in routing calls in an automatic manner and are now an essential part of modern day business needs. By employing virtual PBX systems, business firms can save the money otherwise spent in buying and installing costly PBX equipments at their premises.

Feature-rich PBX System with Minimum Hassles

These virtual PBX systems work in the same manner as costlier PBX systems, but the entire system will be hosted by your remote PBX provider. Upon receiving calls, callers will be greeted with welcome messages. They are also provided with interactive menus for reaching the right employee in your office. The virtual PBX systems are also capable of diverting incoming calls to mobile phones and alternate telephone numbers of your office executives.

With options for supporting multiple extension numbers, the virtual PBX systems are ideal for both small and medium size business firms. These virtual PBX systems can be configured to automatically re-route unattended calls to other extensions within your office, thereby providing clients better customer care. The voicemail facilities in these PBX systems are helpful for users, particularly for those who are calling during off-business hours.

Virtual PBX System Enhances Your Business Image

Apart from managing regular telephonic conversations, virtual PBX systems provide facilities such as caller ID, fax, fax to email, voice to email, call screening, dial by name, dial by extension, and call transfer. Callers are also greeted with appropriate wishes depending on the time of their call; the system can also be used to play advertisements of your products and services to the callers.

Modern virtual PBX phone systems are also compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) protocols. For business firms, this means they can easily switch over to the medium of internet for receiving and sending calls. Thus with these state-of-the-art virtual PBX systems, your business firm can offer clients theĀ  same facilities that are provided by Fortune 500 companies, with only minimal cost involved in the process.

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