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Switchvox Launches Reseller Program to Meet Global Demand for IP PBX Phone Systems; Hundreds of Resellers in More Than 30 Countries Join Program in First Month


SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2005

Switchvox, a leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capable PBX phone systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today launched the Switchvox Reseller Partner Program to address the growing need for affordable IP PBX technology. Available immediately, the program provides an easy way for retailers, ISPs, distributors and integrators to provide a comprehensive phone system to SMB clients worldwide.

Switchvox’s flagship solution enables SMBs to easily and affordably create and manage their phone system, using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services. It can be peered with other systems to allow free VoIP calls between office locations, in addition to offering robust reporting tools to monitor the solution’s performance in real-time. Switchvox is sold as a turnkey solution that includes the server hardware and pre-installed Switchvox software. Built on open source software, Switchvox is extremely inexpensive when compared to traditional PBX products, with systems starting as low as $ 995 (MSRP).

Switchvox offers resellers a discounted price, below its MSRP, enabling them to integrate the product into current offerings and maintain low overhead costs. The majority of Switchvox deployments use VoIP, which reduces the high costs associated with analog service bills. With self-service installation and a simple training process, Switchvox enables resellers and their customers to deploy the system in hours. The Reseller Program also provides value-added services such as on-site installation, system integration and support through the reseller network.

“Prior to joining the Switchvox Reseller Program, Current-Concepts Corporation was only able to offer either expensive, or highly technical PBX systems that were difficult to scale as our clients grew,” said Adam Bristol, president at Current-Concepts. “Switchvox has exceed our expectations, now enabling small businesses to install an affordable, customizable phone system with little technical expertise. The immediate support and training provided by the Switchvox team only adds to the benefits of this program.”

“Switchvox is positioned to help companies looking to take advantage of the ease of use and cost savings of VoIP without draining their wallets. The overnight success of the Reseller Program proves that Switchvox is at the forefront of the broadband phone industry,” said Joshua Stephens, CEO of Switchvox. “We’re seeing a huge demand for affordable phone systems. By introducing the Switchvox Reseller Partner Program, we’re providing VARs with the first standalone, easy-to-configure VoIP-enabled PBX solution for SMBs.”

Switchvox may be installed and sold on any company-certified hardware system ranging from inexpensive tower PCs to powerful rackmount servers. Because resellers can purchase the software edition of Switchvox, they are able to source server hardware locally, leveraging existing vendor relationships and providing the option to standardize on a familiar platform. This flexibility allows resellers to offer Switchvox in an optimal custom configuration for its customers.

Because Switchvox is built on open standards and open source software, it can be used worldwide without many of the compatibility issues associated with other PBX solutions. Hundreds of partners worldwide from different industries, including Asterisk specialists, traditional telecom, system integrators and VoIP providers in the educational, government, non-profit and business sectors, are among the current Switchvox reseller partners.

Further information on the Switchvox Reseller Partner Program can be found at http://www.switchvox.com/reseller.

About Switchvox

Switchvox is a leading provider of PBX and VoIP phone systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company’s flagship product enables SMBs to easily and affordably create and manage their phone system, using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services. Based on Linux and other open source software, Switchvox has created software products that fit business and consumer needs. Headquartered in San Diego, California, more information on the company can be found at http://www.switchvox.com.


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