5 Reasons Land Lines Still Exist And Why They Won’t Be In 10 More Years

Telephony has changed a lot in the past 20 years. Revolutionary changes that have benefitted the consumer. Through the creation of VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, it is possible to transmit digital signals with the speed and safety of analog. In other words, it is just one more thing users can take care of from the comfort of their computers. But as popular as VoIP options are, and they can be used for every complex little thing up to and including PBX, or private branch exchange, the land line is still hanging around. Here are five reasons why, as well as why it probably won’t be in another ten years:

Emergency 911. It is an important function, and one that no user should be without. No one wants to be caught in a situation where help is needed but not possible to attain. While many VoIP providers don’t yet offer emergency 911 service, it is a problem that is being addressed through avenues such as Asterisk, or open source code that allows users to turn their computers into voice communication server devices. In another ten years, e911 will be as common as any other feature that benefits the VoIP consumer.

Consumer confidence. Customers are still relatively high on the local based land line; at least, they are at first glance. To get a sense of where this is headed, look at how drastically support has waned in recent years. While the majority may still hold a land line, they are rapidly slipping as the years increase.

Consumer status. The status of the consumer, or where that person or business comes from financially, is not to be overlooked. Every group you meet is slow to incorporate total change until they’ve had a chance to see whether the next new thing will also be the next big thing. But as poverty level and middle class people see the cost savings, they will continue to float toward VoIP and other online voice communication services.

Image. A land line often emits the image of a professional business that people can trust in. It is great for local business, but as the Internet takes a more active role in the global economy, people will grow more confident doing business with online vendors, thus dulling the need for and importance of the land line.

The establishment. Land lines are what the majority has been used to for over a century. It is a hard behavior to correct, but as prices continue to soar and benefits continue to wane, consumers will no longer see the value. They’re already dropping like flies and heading toward more affordable and convenient solutions. It’s only a matter of time before the people let go of the archaic and embrace the future.


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