Aastra announces name change on 5i series of phones.

In an expected move, Aastra has renamed all of the 5i series of phones to a new series, beginning with 67xi.

From their press release:

This model number change involves the addition of the number “67″ prefix to the current 5i name. As a result, Aastra will now refer to this product Series as the “Aastra 67xi Series” rather than “Aastra 5i Series”.

This change is cosmetic in nature only, with the new model number appearing on the logo plate, box and product labels, user guides and certain web user interface screens. There will be no changes in product performance, compatibility, order/part numbers or pricing. To date, you may have already seen some references to the 67xi product nomenclature reflected in user guides, telephone display screens, web sites and web user interfaces. Marketing and web collateral materials will reflect this change shortly, with the equivalent 5i model numbers appearing in brackets during this transition.

As we’ve seen in the past with these renamings from Aastra, nothing will change except for the great quality and the product numbers, which we have a handy table for:

The following is a list of the old and new model numbers:

Aastra 5i SeriesAastra 67xi Series
57i CT6757i CT
536M (Expansion module)M670i
560M (Expansion module)M675i

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