Additional Services of 0844 number

The call management package provided with  the 0844 number provides you a lot of ease to handle and manage your call traffic. The services provided in that package eases your business handling and on the other hand  it also gives you more professional look. Other services than those in the call management package referred as additional services can solve your various call handling problems and can make your communication with your caller more efficient and effective . These additional services includes VoIP numbers, conference call, call queues , time based routing , caller statistics etc. These services are discussed below individually.

Conference call

A professional easy to use service, the call conference service has no setup charge, monthly fee or minimum usage. The only cost incurred is a local rate phone call charge.

Call Queuing

If a destination is busy then callers will hear a short greeting message informing them that they are in a call queuing system. Music and an apology message will be played until a destination becomes available, then the longest held caller will be connected

Call Statistics

Online call statistics package comes free with any number you choose and will be part of the Call Management Package. Analysis of Call History can be a powerful tool for improving your company’s communications. Think of it as feedback from the outside world about your position in the market place, your presence in different locales or the nature of the customers you are attracting.


0844 numbers can be used as Inbound VoIP numbers, this allows callers from any standard Landline or Mobile phone to contact you wherever you are.

The system can terminate Calls to SIP, IAX2 and H.323 destinations, so if you currently use an IP PBX service such as an Asterisk Server or any other SIP device, we can deliver Calls to you.

Time based routing

Time plans can be created so that calls will be routed to certain destinations (can be single landline or mobile numbers or hunt groups and voice mail) according to the time of day/week/month or year.

Calls can be routed to a main number between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and then to a hunt group, mobile or voicemail outside of these hours.


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