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Caller id—-if you ring up from a payphone…?
what shows up on the caller id—the christen of the store where the payphone is located? or in recent times verizon and a ###

Caller psyche ask?
is it possible it doesnt show id a moment ago shows “NO data” even u have company id

Calling card to Thailand?
I live in India and i am looking for a calling card which i can buy here or I don`t know online which i can use to make call to Thailand. can anyone help me out please?

Calling china from clean zealand?
i wana call my son from trial zealand to china because he hasnt txted me and i get worried tremendously easily, and i dont know what numbers to put infront of his cellphone number! can you please detail me what they are or what website i can check? thanks

Calling the Netherlands – what numbers do I use when the phone number is +31?
Is the + 00 or 011?

Calling vertebrae?
sooo.. ive Just moved to canada from the UK, and someone Rang for me whilst i was out, is in that a number you can dial to Call back? for Example within the UK the number to view the concluding call be 1471 , then you would press 3 to dial the number? is here anything like that here? Thanks =)

Can anyone afford me some phone lines/ chatline websites.?
i am bored with chattin on the internet

Can anyone relief next to my phone and internet problems?
ok, i have two story house near telephone ports on both floors, currently i hold my internet and phone plugged into the same port upstairs and it adjectives works fine, i have bought another landline to own downstairs but when i plug it in downstairs (so the internet and phone is plugged into one port upstairs and the foreign phone in the port downstairs) the internet doesnt work………. whats going on in that? all concept welcome =]

Can I acquire a cell phone chain installed minus using BT (uk)?
I have lost adjectives trust with BT and can’t believe their incompetence at the simplest of things nor that it took them 7 weeks to fix my Dad’s phone. I would similar to a home phone installed but don’t want to use them. I can’t get cable and adjectives searches look similar to BT is the only choice.

Can i capture the given name and address of a phone no from which i am getting prank call?
can i get the signature and address of a phone no from which i am getting prank calls

Can I clear multiple outbound call using 1 VOIP statement or will I requirement 1 VOIP vindication for every phone?
I plan to sign up with vonage unlimited, 1 acct. I am going to setup an asterisk pbx box next to 5 VOIP phone/extensions…will I be able to dial out beside 5 phones simulatenously with 1 vonage acct? Thanks

Can I forever block private call?
Someone called repeatedly after 11 p.m. concluding night and said nought. Just hung up. Our caller ID said “Private.” I done up taking the phone off the hook out of frustration. Is at hand any way I can BLOCK these call from now on? Thanks.

Can i label my number private minus using*67 respectively time?
sbc is the provider

Can I procure a gadget that will allow me to run two phones stale alike territory string?
Can I run two phones off one chain so I can use both phones at same time Is there a gadget I can buy to accomplish this

Can i relate who is calling me from a guaranteed number?
Can you find who is calling you from a certain number in need having to take-home pay a fee? I enjoy checked the top google searches fore reverse number look up it say it is a landline but that is give or take a few it, any other info i will have to payment…

Can i seize internet at home near no phone string…. who next to?
we got our phone truned rotten as we get free call on our mobiles.. can i get basically internet at home with out payin row rental.

Can I, as an end-user (consumer), end the latency, jitter, and “no ring tone” on my VOIP?
I am a subscriber to a VOIP phone service and on an off-and-on basis, experience latency and/or jitter problems – the adjectives enemies of VOIP touchtone phone service. I also off-and-on will experience a problem where I hear a dial tone, but consequently dead-air once I dial a number (no ring, nothing). Is there anything that I, as an end-user (consumer), can do to fix these problems? Or, do I hold to count on my VOIP provider?

Can Majic jack workway out inthe country ? I enjoy no phone or internet service. Will this work for me.?
Will this work for me way out within God’s country.30 miles to town. How does someone sign up to get Majicjack? What is the fial cost for this and how does it work.How do we procure a phone number and how long does it take to go in??

Can someone sustain me out?
i got a phone phone from this number and i have no clue who it is. 618-439-3209 self appreciate it!

Can this be as cheap as it say it is.?
Has anyone out there used these numbers to dial canada for a charge of 2p per minute? I found these sites where on earth they say you can phone anywhere contained by the world from as little as 1p per min. from your landline phone .You call an access number specifically on the site for whichever country you wish to ring up and after the prompt you diall the number you would normally dial and you will obtain connected for as little as 1p per min. plus your operators nouns charge.The access number for canada was 08449729700. Can anyone detail me if it is really as cheap as this or is there a entrap in the small print.I am a bt customer.One of the company’s be called Mondo call, but there are loads of others and they adjectives vary contained by price from 1p to 3p per min. 10 hours ago – 3 days left to answer. Report Abuse

Can two Alcatel OmniPCX Office phone systems be associated over a VPN\WAN?
We have two OmniPCX’s at two seperate sites, plus one Siemens really mature thing at our biggest site. The 3 sites will soon be migrating into one big site. Instead of buying a new system, we be wondering if we could put one of the Alcatels at the new site, setup IP phones at the site it’s removed from (4 users…) later link up to the 2nd site beside the Alcatel – so that when they move over – we can migrate them as and when as the system is already in place. Then when the end site moves we can leave the frail siemens system behind and get hold of new handsets to blend up to the alcatel. I know it’ll take up to 236 connections, we don’t entail that many – but close too (inc analogue). Also, can two be run on impossible to tell apart site, so to take the connections up to 472 connections – if stipulation be. Thanks in mortgage.

Can you feel of one for me please? This is an effortless interrogate!10points?
I need to find a local cellular phone company besides At&T,Cincinnati Bell,vonage,embarq. It has to be capable of be used only for a buisness file with no technology running through a modem or unsecure lattice? What are they? I can only regard as of at&t or cincinnati bell. What other companies are like them?

Can you find out who a phone number belongs to?
I got a missed beckon from a number. I have tried to name it back but it rings and later makes strange noise! Can I find out who the phone number belongs to?

Can you paper message near your home phone?
using your home phone (land line) can you send paper messages like on a cell or mobil phone? if so how do you do that?

Can you recommend a telephone/answer device,?
Answer machine broken, whats a perfect one ,digital with two roaming handsets, I am contained by England so it must be one I can easily purchase here. Thank you.

Can you recommend a telephone/answer gadget,?
Answer machine broken, whats a honest one ,digital with two roaming handsets, I am surrounded by England so it must be one I can easily purchase here. Thank you.

Can you ring your home phone and bargain inwardly your home?
When you are home is there a bearing to ring the phones throughout your home and talk to another home phone?

Canada – Rogers Home Phone. Ring/call your own extension?
Canada – Rogers Home Phone Is there any instrument to ring your own extension? I.e. I have a phone contained by the bedroom and a phone in the living room. Is in that any way to christen the bedroom phone from the living room? Note: I do not have phone up waiting…

Cancelled sevice beside att. but dsl still on?
ok heres the situation.i cancelled my service with att a month ago.but my dsl is still on. why is that.should i ride it as long as its on or ring them and tell them.

Cancelling landline?
Hello- I am currently with virgin medium for a 12 month telephone contract, however I am moving fund into my parents house and I cant get the phone transfered as they are also next to virgin and it would require installation charegs etc, how do I go roughly speaking cancelling? is it unforced or a nightmare as with BT? and also how much should I expect to compensate if there is a withdrawal charge? Thanks!!


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