Why 08 numbers are called smart number

In order to resolve the question about why 08 numbers are called smart numbers , we should first discus about why any thing is call smarter or intelligent. Anything which becomes intelligent enough that it could handle its own concerned matters properly, efficiently and effectively is started to be called smarter than the one which do not do these things with such proficiency or with such effectiveness. So, as any things becomes more and more self sufficient and requires less human interference is considered to be more smarter provided that it also maintains the least defect level etc. 08 numbers are also called smarter for the same reason. They are intelligent enough that they are becoming more and more self sufficient in managing the calls of your business. There efficiency with the automated system is also much more than the normal operator based process. So, it fulfils the basics requirement of being a smarter number. Now lets discuss what are those things which makes this number smarter than any other normal landline or mobile number . Some of the things that makes it smarter are discussed below.

Call Whisper

Frustrated by not knowing whether it’s a personal call or an important business lead? Call whisper will let you know whether the caller is dialling your landline or your 0844 number!

Fax to Email

The fax to email provides you a service where in you can receive your fax in your email inbox. After subscribing to this service you just need to map your 0844 number with your email address and then your start receiving your faxes in your inbox which can be accessed through your laptop or your mobile phone.

Auto Attendant

All of the calls will be automatically attended and the recorded message will guide the caller about how to go on.. Easy to setup, an Auto attendant/IVR service, allows you to direct your inbound calls to the correct department without the need for a receptionist.

Call Routing

A successful marketing campaign can result in a spike in calls. Don’t panic! Also known as hunt groups or ring groups, intelligent call routing will allow you to receive calls to multiple phone lines simultaneously


0844 numbers can be used as Inbound VoIP numbers, this allows callers from any standard Landline or Mobile phone to contact you wherever you are.

The system can terminate Calls to SIP, IAX2 and H.323 destinations, so if you currently use an IP PBX service such as an Asterisk Server or any other SIP device, we can deliver Calls to you.

Call Queuing

If a destination is busy then callers will hear a short greeting message informing them that they are in a call queuing system. Music and an apology message will be played until a destination becomes available, then the longest held caller will be connected

Time based routing

Time plans can be created so that calls will be routed to certain destinations (can be single landline or mobile numbers or hunt groups and voice mail) according to the time of day/week/month or year.

Call Statistics

Online call statistics package comes free with any number you choose and will be part of the Call Management Package. Analysis of Call History can be a powerful tool for improving your company’s communications. Think of it as feedback from the outside world about your position in the market place, your presence in different locales or the nature of the customers you are attracting.


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